Falling in love with your body

Questions to shift your perspective about your body

It’s one of the most precious things we have and yet we don’t just overlook it, we mistreat it, insult it and bully it. I’m talking about the body.

What do you say about your body?

Think about the labels you attach to your body: wobbly, past it, too wide, too chunky, unattractive, disappointing, fat, ugly, disgusting. On and on the list goes. Full disclosure, I did the same. I spent most of my teenage years and my twenties zoning in on all the things I hated about myself. I felt disgusted with what I saw in the mirror. I dieted, then extreme dieted, then fell into an eating disorder. Even when I recovered from that, the negative self-talk went on, and on, and on. Thinking back, it wasn’t until I began to see that what I was criticising as imperfect was actually, fundamentally, perfect, that things began to change. And what preceded that was a shift in perspective.

To help you begin to move into a new way of looking at your body, I’m sharing some of the questions that helped me on my journey, all those years ago, and still help me today.

The first set of questions is designed to get you to look at your body from a new angle – one of gratitude – and think about how you can treat yourself differently.

The second set of questions is designed to get you thinking about how you really feel about your body, what those feelings tell you about your beliefs about yourself, and how these beliefs impact your life – specifically when it comes to making positive changes.

So, set aside a couple of hours. Turn your phone to silent. Put on some chilled tunes. Grab a nice cup of tea (chai tea with almond milk is my current go-to), your journal and your favourite pen. Take a look at the questions below and see where they take you.

Thanking and praising your body

All too often, we forget that the body is miraculous. The body breathes, digests, moves, detoxes, beats our hearts, grows our hair and nails, etc. without us having to make an effort. Because of it, we are able to see, touch and feel the world around us. And yet we take it for granted. Tune into yourself now, with gratitude.

What do you appreciate about your body?

If you were your own best friend, how would you describe your body?

How can you show your body some appreciation this week? What makes you feel good, physically?

Diving deeper into your beliefs about your body

What beliefs do you hold about your body?

Do these beliefs belong to you? Are they based on an unrealistic beauty ideal? Are you holding on to someone else’s criticism of you? What past situations have led you to these beliefs?

What do you make these beliefs mean about yourself? How are these beliefs impacting your life right now?

What would you do if you weren’t held back by these beliefs?

Based on your answers, what beliefs do you want to detox from your life? (Once you have a list , you can perform a ritual to symbolically release them – see this blog for some examples).

Work with a coach

If you want support to unpick and release those old beliefs, fall back in love with your body, or set up some body-loving habits, working with a coach can help! Click here to apply for a discovery call, or click here to contact me with any questions.