How to get started on your wellbeing journey

Begin with these 5 steps

You want to make changes. But where do you begin? Is it diet, or movement, or mindfulness, or something else? It can feel overwhelming, and very often the result is you might not do anything at all. That’s why I’ve made the list below to help you get started.

#1: Get clear on your goal
Is it weight-loss, is it improved strength or flexibility, is it to feel more comfortable in your skin? If there’s more than one goal, pick the one that has the most meaning to you. Make it measurable so that you’ll be able to know when you’ve reached this goal.

#2: Go deeper
Why is this goal important? How will your life change for the better? What does achieving this mean to you? Get very clear on the benefits of this goal so that you grow your motivation to change.

#3: Knowledge is power
If you understand why you are where you are, then you are better equipped to break the patterns that brought you here. Be honest with yourself: what habits, thoughts, coping mechanisms have you internalised? What purpose have they served until now?

#4: Compassion and curiosity
It is vital that you do not judge yourself for where you are. There should be no blaming yourself. After all, negative self judgement is most often the reason we turn to coping mechanisms such as binging. I use the Compassionate Inquiry method developed by Gabor Mate to help you develop a kind curiosity towards negative beliefs and behaviours. From that place, it is easier to make changes.

#5: Tiny habits
Once you’ve identified the behaviours you want to change, you can use the Tiny Habits method to begin making changes. Click here to check out the method.

It’s easier with a coach
Navigating the above on your own is completely possible! But when you’re also juggling a busy lifestyle, it can be helpful to have someone on your team. A coach is your accountability partner, your personal cheerleader, your sounding board, listening ear, and mirror. Find someone who you resonate with and trust to accompany on your journey.

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