Melanie Bertaud

health & wellbeing coach

trauma-informed weight-loss

plant-based nutrition

holistic lifestyle

create a life that loves you back

Hi, I’m Melanie

I’m an ICF-accredited, trauma-informed holistic wellbeing and nutrition coach with a passion for helping people design a healthy lifestyle and reach their ideal weight WITHOUT counting calories. I believe you achieve wellbeing not through a prescriptive approach or a rigid meal plan, but rather by reconnecting with your real self.

Areas of Expertise

Plant-based nutrition:
Transition towards a more vegan diet without compromising on food satisfaction.

Trauma-informed weight-loss:
Heal your relationship with food, create a diet that loves you back, reach your ideal weight.

Radical self-love:
Resolve old trauma and reconnect with your authentic self.

Wellbeing & Weight-loss

Balance is about physical, emotional, and spiritual health. It is about so much more than eating certain foods, exercising a certain way, or having certain crystals in your home. The magic happens when you reconnect with your true self, and are able to tune into your body to discover the foods that love you back, the movements you love to do and the spiritual rituals that truly resonates with you. When you do, your body can let go of excess weight naturally and return to balance.

Your Wellbeing PA

Consider me your personal cheerleader and accountability partner. Whether in person or online, we will co-create a lifestyle that lines up with your values, desires and unique personality. Judgement-free, completely confidential, and a safe space for you to be you – our sessions dive through the layers and give you the clarity and insight you need to make changes and reach your goals.

“Not the world, not what’s outside of us, but what we hold inside traps us. We may not be responsible for the world that created our minds, but we can take responsibility for the mind with which we create our world.”

– Gabor Mate